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UST Installation & Removal


Your Underground Storage Tank Experts

We provide full-service UST installation and removal services to stations, convenience stores, truck stops, and more in Houston, Texas. Our well-trained staff is equipped with the tools and project management skills needed to successfully carry out all installation and removal projects on time and within budget! We also have three UST licensed A & B supervisors to assist with every aspect of the project. As a licensed contractor with the TCEQ, K & G is always there to help you with all your fuel system needs.


K&G has a long history of successful PST facility installation. As population increases there is a need for fuel retail infrastructure. K&G has participated in the increased infrastructure of the logistics industry working with Loves and Pilot Travel Centers installing over 145,000 gallon capacity per location. K&G’s TCEQ Class A Licensed On Site Managers have installed sites for Buc-ee’s, QuikTrip, and 7-Eleven.

  • Design
  • Construction Permits & TCEQ Compliance
  • Demolition & Site Preparation
  • Shoring, Water Mitigation, & Excavation
  • Fuel System Installation & Removal
  • Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Installation & Removal
  • Installation of Blend Systems, Fuel Components Including Spill Protection, & Leak Detection
  • Driveway, Curbs, Canopy, & Lighting
  • Monitoring System Installation
  • Secondary Containment
  • Overspill/Overfill Installation


Retail fuel systems for convenience stores, travel stops, and marinas.
Installation of emergency power fueling systems for hospitals, data storage facilities, and more.
Fleet Fueling Facilities for municipalities, school districts, airports, refineries, and other government agencies.

Regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cause the need for upgraded fuels in the industry. K&G has participated in programs to bring BioDiesel and Diesel Exhaust Fuel (DEF) to the dispenser. K&G stands ready to continue assisting customers as research and development offers opportunities for new ways to dispense gasoline, diesel, and/or alternative fuels.


As fuel systems age, customers are becoming concerned with expiring warranties on fuel system components. K&G stays up to date on new products hitting the market and how they can affect the system and parts of fuel pump systems. We research and ensure our customers understand what products are and are not safe for their systems.


Shutting down a location comes with a checklist of Texas Commision of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) standards that must be met. K&G’s TCEQ Class B Licensed On Site Managers stand ready to assist when tank removal becomes part of your journey.

For All Your Fuel System Needs

K & G Contracting Services has been providing Southeast Texas with emergency and non-emergency service solutions since 1968. The secret to our long-lasting success is our dedicated and experienced staff who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Our technicians are trained in loss prevention and can be trusted to finish projects safely and effectively. When Hurricane Ike hit, most stations were down for a week or more—but not K & G! We immediately dispatched portable emergency generators to locations to help resume service till electricity was restored.

Our Solutions

  • Petroleum Fuel Systems – Underground & Aboveground Tanks, Piping, and Components Including Shear Valve, Manholes, Manhole Covers, Filters, Hoses, Nozzles, and More.


  • Canopy Footings & Lightings
  • Driveway, Handicap Ramps, & Curbing
  • Island Forms & Bollards
  • Sump Repair & Replacement
  • Soil & Water Mitigation
  • Bio Blend, SPATCO, Murray, JUNGE Systems, & Ethanol
  • Diesel Emission Fluid Systems
  • Fuel Cleaning
  • UST Repairs
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