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Providing Quality PST Services to Texas, since 1968

“We are fueling the future through efficient management of assets, excellent customer relations, and expertise in technology.”


In the 1950s, the Kmiec family began servicing PST’s (Petroleum Storage Tanks) in the service station industry. As the family grew, Charles Kmiec branched out into Charles Service Station Service in 1968. With a commitment to the team and working with integrity, the business thrived and was later incorporated in 1972, led by James Kmiec. Today, K&G stands as a third-generation business operating in the Houston area while serving all of Texas.


K&G remains a small closely-held private corporation. We strive to operate with the belief that small businesses will remain the heartbeat of American society. We don’t want a superficial connection with our employees and customers, we invest in relationships. K&G seeks to bring quality to our workmanship and our relationships with those we serve.

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