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Alternative Fuel
New Fuels Demand New Infrastructure
K&G will help you sort out the ever changing issue of Alternative Fuels.  Government mandates are driving the demand for alternative fuel sources.  Demand for
alternative fuels will increase as your customers are introduced to new fuels sources.  K&G can help you with your infrastructure at your location to meet the new

Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS): This legislation sets standards for the introduction of renewable fuels.  Currently the legislation calls for an increase of 40%
renewable fuel sold for every unit of non-renewable fuel by the year 2022.  At this rate the use of Ethanol and Bio Diesel will increase exponentially. 
Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE): This legislation deals with fuel economy standards which causes auto manufacturers to make changes to vehicles
offered for sale.
The Clean Air Act: The Clean Air Act calls for a reduction in NOx emissions.  The auto makers have answered by manufacturing all light, medium, and heavy weight
diesel engines to have DEF technology after January, 2010.


Ethanol: A renewable fuel mixed with gasoline to produce a blend.  Along with being a renewable fuel, it reduces tail pipe emissions.
Bio Diesel: A renewable fuel that can be blended on the retail site using a blend system, mixed before loading the tanker truck, or splashed on site.
DEF: Diesel Exhaust Fluid is an additive that meets the regulation of the Clean Air Act to reduce NOx emissions.
CNG: Compressed Natural Gas is renewable, it is plentiful in the USA, and it is clean.  The infrastructure is quickly developing as are vehicles that can run on CNG.

As the markets develop, K&G will stay current and be ready to assist you with any Fueling Infrastructure available.  K&G has been actively involved in providing the infrastructure for DEF, Ethanol, and BIO Diesel for major travel stations and truck stops over the last several years.  We provide installation and service in these areas.

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Alternative Fuel
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