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"We are fueling the future through efficient management of assets, excellent
customer relations, and expertise in technology."
K&G began in The Heights of Houston, Texas as Charles Service Station Service in 1968. The convenience store industry had seen rapid growth during the 1950's with an increased number of personally owned vehicles and during the 1960's with the increase of commuting due to suburban living. This new growth created a need for service and construction that specialized in the installation, service, and maintenance of Underground Storage Tanks for Petroleum retail. K&G sought their first opportunity with Texaco, Southland Corporation, and other "Mom & Pop" retail facilities. In the 70's, K&G experienced the change from the "Full Service" station to the "Self Service" station. With an increased awareness of the environment, the EPA called for a reduction of TEL and unleaded gasoline was introduced. With passing of regulations in 1988, UST facilities were forced to upgrade fuel systems with spill prevention and leak detection. In October, 1990, K&G Contracting Services, Inc., a Texas corporation, was formed as Charles Kmiec passed the business on to the next generation. James Kmiec would lead K&G into the future.

The industry has been driven by technology as it responds to the demands of the customer and to the compliance of the regulatory agencies. As the industry moves into the next decade, it will see an increased demand for alternative fuels and the infrastructure to dispense these fuels. K&G has always been and continues to be committed to product innovation and agency compliance. K&G Contracting Services, Inc. is a licensed UST Contractor serving your UST needs from The Heights, Houston, Texas.
Customer List:
K&G has an exhaustive list of customers and references. K&G has worked for Texaco, Southland Corporation, National Convenience Stores, ExxonMobil, Buc-ee's, Pilot Flying J, Love's, airports, government agencies, hospitals, and refineries.
References available upon request.

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TCEQ License #CRP000764
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